Monthly Roundup #14 - February 2017

This Month In Videos

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - The Ice Warriors Are Back!

In The Old Doctor Who Monsters' Home a petition is being started to bring back Morbius for Series 10 but it seems like sssssssssomeone might have already got there...

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - Ice Warriors, Series 10 Latest & LEGO Daleks! 

SPOILER WARNING: We catch up on all the latest from the set of Series 10! We talk Ice Warriors, Missy, LEGO Daleks and take a moment to reflect on John Hurt.

FiveWhoFans - Why Peter Capaldi Needs to Stay in Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who and I am VERY upset about it.

In Other News

Who's Queer Now? 

I was a guest at Who's Queer Now? in Cardiff - a day of conversations about the worlds of Doctor Who and their impact on LGBT people for LGBT History Month. I spoke on a panel called 'New Who – Queerest Folk?' (with Phil Collinson, Nick Pegg and Bethany Black, moderated by Roz Kaveney) and moderated a panel called 'Torchwood – The Spinoff That Couldn't Die' (with Russell T Davies, Gareth David-Lloyd, David Llewellyn and James Goss). The highlight of the day was, along with the many important and insightful conversations, was meeting one of my heroes, television producer and screenwriter Russell T Davies (whose works include Queer as Folk, Bob & Rose, The Second Coming, Casanova, the 2005 revival of the classic British science fiction series Doctor Who, and the trilogy Cucumber, Tofu, and Banana). Photos from the day and videos of the panels will be available on the Who's Queer Now? Facebook page

Photo by Jon Pountney.

Photo by Jon Pountney.

Photo by Jon Pountney.

Photo by Jon Pountney.

I'm a sculpture! 

The talented James O'Neill surprised me on Twitter with a sculpture of... me! He's also sculpted David Bowie, Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez amongst others. Check out his work here!

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