Monthly Roundup #9 - September 2016

This Month In Videos

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - Series 10 Production Update

It's time for a production update on Series 10. From filming in Valencia to the Doctor's new hat and a mysterious character called The Landlord, we get up to speed on the latest news from set.

FiveWhoFans - The Enemy Within

The channel is in great danger and an enemy lies within...

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - The Sontarans Review ft. Dan Starkey

We discuss the Sontarans with Dan Starkey aka Strax!

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - Christmas Read-through Reaction

It's Christmas! Almost. As an early Christmas present we went down to Cardiff for the read-through of the Christmas special to get my reaction...

Reacting To Old Home Videos

I forgot to include this video in last month's roundup - I found some old home videos that me and my best friend from school filmed 10 years ago. We reunited to watch them for the first time since recording them and filmed our reaction for your viewing pleasure! 

In Other News


I attended Regenerations in Swansea this month. It was my first time attending this particular convention and I had a fabulous time. I was really blown away by the warm, friendly atmosphere. I'll definitely be back one day! For more info visit:

We Won A Lovie Award!

The Fan Show has won a People’s Lovie for Social Entertainment! A HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for us! Full list of winners here:

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I'll be back at the end of next month for October's roundup.

Until then, have a great October!