Monthly Roundup #8 | August 2016

This Month In Videos

FiveWhoFans - Rare Doctor Who Figures For Sale


Doctor Who: The Fan Show - How To Make Doctor Who Cookies

Welcome to the Gallifrey Cooking Channel! This week we're baking some treats from the brand new Doctor Who cookbook with Lady Estelle.

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - How To Cosplay Bill

Cosplay doesn't have to be hard or expensive to make. I'm joined by cosplayer Dom (The Whovian Chaser) to show how easy cosplay can be as we put together a capsule wardrobe for new Doctor Who companion, Bill!

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - The Zygons Review ft. Ingrid Oliver

Myself, Luke Spillane and Ingrid Oliver talk about those shape shifters, the Zygons in this month's discussion show.

FiveWhoFans - Doctor Who: Legend of Venusian Karate

"He comes from beyond time. From beyond the outer limits of your imagination. He is Dr. Who: Legend of Venusian Karate!"

I combined my Karate skills with one of my favourite Doctors for this 70s martial arts movie spoof...

FiveWhoFans - A 24 Hour Fan Film

A little video I filmed with fellow 5WF member, Livvy, where we have 24 hours to make a fan film in a bid to win the ultimate prize...

In Other News

Who You Gonna Call? New Cosplay Project! 

As I'm completely and utterly obsessed with the new Ghostbusters film, I've decided to embark on a new cosplay project - my favourite character from the movie, Dr, Jillian Holtzmann! I'll be making two costumes for myself and my friend who will be joining me as Abby for a convention in October! They'll come complete with proton packs. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for progress photos!

I'm also working on two new variants of the Twelfth Doctor's costume from Series 10, I'll be posting some preview photos very soon!

Don't Blink!

I went to Cardiff earlier this month to present a little DVD documentary on the Silence and Weeping Angels (out soon). As part of the piece, I got to dress up as a Weeping Angel and scare people at the Doctor Who Experience. I love my job.

That's all folks! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@CaptainChristel) and Facebook for regular updates.

I'll be back at the end of next month for September's roundup.

Until then, have a great September!