Monthly Roundup #6 | June 2016

This Month In Videos

Christopher Thomson - The Ish Doctors

Doctor Who impersonators Elliott Crossley, Siobhan Gallichan, Christopher Thomson and Peter Walsh meet up at Comic Con with a mission to help their careers... by tracking down Doctor Who: The Fan Show's Christel Dee!

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - Davros Review

We talk Doctors, Daleks and Davros in this month's discussion show!

FiveWhoFans - How to Host the Perfect Doctor Who Marathon

Here are my top 5 tips for hosting the perfect Doctor Who marathon. Don't have nightmares...

In Other News

The Fan Show goes to VidCon! 

Do you like me new do?

Do you like me new do?

The Fan Show visited sunny LA to attend VidCon - a yearly convention for online video held in Aneheim, California. See what we got up to in my vlog!

Whilst there we also learned to do stop motion animation with the brilliant Doctor Puppet! 

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Until then, have a great July!