Monthly Roundup #5 - May 2016

This Month In Videos

FiveWhoFans - Q&A with Christel Dee

I answered your questions!

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - Target Book Exhibition ft. Peter Capaldi

We visited the launch of the Target Book Artwork Exhibition at the Cartoon Museum and asked some of the special guests what these covers meant to them.

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - New Sonic Screwdriver Toy

We spoke to the makers of the new Sonic Screwdriver toy to find out how it was made. We also looked at some fan made ones.

FiveWhoFans - 5 Ways To Find Gallifrey

Fancy a holiday? Why not try Gallifrey? Experience guided tours of the citadel, meet caged Drashigs at the Arcadian Zoo, and enjoy the thrilling AirBnB benefits of genuine Gallifreyan barn retreats!

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - Planet of the Ood Review

We discuss the series four story Planet of the Ood. With Luke Spillane guests Sarah Dollard and Chris Foxx.

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - The 500th Doctor Who Magazine

We celebrate Doctor Who Magazine reaching issue 500 this month! I travel back in time to find out how the DWM team got on editing the issue but like all cheap and nasty time travel it gets a bit complicated.

In Other News

Big Finish! 

I went to visit John Barrowman recording an upcoming series of audio stories at Big Finish Productions with Doctor Who: The Fan Show. But what did we get up to whilst there? You'll have to wait and find out! 

Doctor Who Magazine Day

An absolute pleasure to meet Sophie Aldred who played Ace in Doctor Who (my favourite classic series companion) at Doctor Who Magazine Day in Windsor! A wicked day!

MCM London Comic Con & #TheIshDoctors

I attended MCM Comic Con this month to begin filming for an upcoming documentary project on the changing face of Doctor Who fandom, to be released on FiveWhoFans later this year (more info next month!). Whilst there I also took part in Christopher Thomson's comedy sketch #TheIshDoctors - out soon! 

That's all folks! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@CaptainChristel) and Facebook for regular updates. I'll be back at the end of next month for June's roundup.

Until then, have a great June!