Monthly Roundup #4 | April 2016

This Month In Videos

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - Blink Review

We revisit the Weeping Angels' debut episode at the Doctor Who Experience with writer Tony Lee and YouTuber Epic Who

FiveWhoFans - UNIT Recruitment

I got summoned to try UNIT's training scheme. Here's what happened. 

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - The Impossible Astronaut Review

We discuss the Silence's debut in The Impossible Astronaut with Hilly & Hannah Hindi from The Hillywood Show

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - New Companion Reaction

I reacted to watching the unveiling of the new Doctor Who companion! 

In Other News

I got old(er)

I successfully completed my 24th orbit around the Sun this month. Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes, I had a great day! 

The Zygon Inversion Commentary

I joined Radio Free Skaro for an episode commentary on The Zygon Inversion! Listen to it here.

New photos!

I had a bunch of new photos taken by the brilliant MattEleven Photography. Here's a few of my favourites.

That's all folks! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@CaptainChristel) and Facebook for regular updates. I'll be back at the end of next month for May's roundup. 

Until then, have a great May!