The Doctor Who Yearbook 2016

I was recently interviewed by Doctor Who Magazine for their 2016 Yearbook and it's out today! 

I distinctly remember buying my very first Doctor Who Magazine in 2006, aged 14. It caught my eye in a newsagent one day because the front cover was shiny silver and red and had a picture of David Tennant's Doctor (my favourite) sitting on the floor doing a quirky pose. I thought it looked so cool so I picked it up and took it to the till. I remember going home and being amazed by all of the amazing interviews with people working on the show which really inspired me and I loved all of the cool pictures and comic strips. I've been reading ever since.

It's very surreal to see myself in a magazine all these years later! Seeing the magazine in print also brought home just how much we've managed to achieve in 2015 - it really is the icing on the cake at the end of what has been the most life changing year! 

Of course my friend forced me to take pictures with it. It escalated quickly. 

Total DEEception. 

Total DEEception. 

The Doctor Who Yearbook 2016 is on sale now and covers the past year in Doctor Who, with a look back at Series 9, exclusive interviews and much more.