Monthly Roundup #1 | January 2016

Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful start to the year and that you're all sticking to your resolutions! No? Me nether. So here's what happened in January.

This Month In Videos

FiveWhoFans - Outtakes

FiveWhoFans kicked off with a compilation of bloopers from the 5WF archive.

FiveWhoFans - Sonic Specs

My first video on FiveWhoFans of 2016 has been a bit of a pet project for me over the past couple of months. Inspired by the arrival of Doctor's Sonic Sunglasses in Doctor Who Series 9, I collaborated with talented writer and regular contributor to FiveWhoFans, Joel H Joelson to create this 80s style sales advert for the sonic specs. Order today! 

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - What Happened In Series 9?

Jake Yapp kicked off series 2 of Doctor Who: The Fan Show last Friday with a fun summary of Doctor Who series 9 in 5 minutes. 

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - LEGO Dimensions Easter Eggs

We asked Game Unboxing Reviews to cover some of the best Doctor Who easter eggs from LEGO Dimensions and the Doctor Who level pack! From hidden console rooms to old companions singing musical numbers, what's your favourite?

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - Spearhead from Space Review

Each month this year, we're going to review a Doctor Who story that features a Classic monster and this month we're all about the Autons. We discussed Jon Pertwee classic Spearhead from Space with Doctor Who Magazine deputy editor Peter Ware and Big Finish Cover Designer extraordinaire Tom Webster!

In Other News

I'm in a Doctor Who comic! No, really! 

I'm in a comic. A Doctor Who comic. What is my life??? Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #2.1 (written by Robbie Morrison, drawn by Rachael Stott and coloured by Ivan Nunes) is out now!

Read more here.

Incredible Improv

I was a guest on the wonderful The RH Experience's improv radio show, Played Up! I bought my (made up) cassette tapes for this talented bunch to improvise with hilarious results. Listen here.

That's all folks! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@CaptainChristel) and Facebook for regular updates. I'll be back at the end of next month for February's roundup. 

Until then, have a great February!