Monthly Roundup #2 | February 2016

Hello there! I hope February is treating you well. Here's this month's roundup!

This Month In Videos

FiveWhoFans - Doctor Who: 7 Episodes To Give A Second Chance

With Doctor Who on hiatus this year, maybe it's time to look back at some of the episodes you'd rather not.

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - The Old Monsters Home

The Old Doctor Who Monsters’ Home is back! Davros has rounded up some of the old favourites for a Series 10 Masterclass but will it go according to plan? Written by Billy Treacy.

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - Fan Audio Adventures

We celebrate the art of the audio adventure! We talk to professional and amateur audio producers alike, about their love of listening to the Doctor.

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - Gallifrey One

The Fan Show descended onto LA this weekend for Gallifrey One - the largest and longest running Doctor Who convention in the world (take a minute to digest that). We spoke to some of the guests to find out what this legendary convention was all about.

And check out some of the amazing cosplay we found, including LEGO Doctors, the least British-accented Queen Elizabeth you’ll ever meet and zentai suits harking all the back to 1976.

Plus, we found out all about "ribbons" which are totally a thing at Gallifrey One. Luckily we took our own...

FiveWhoFans - Doctor Who Is A Children's Show

After a controversial comment about Doctor Who being a children's show, I had a statement to make..

Doctor Who: The Fan Show - Spearhead From Space Review

This month, we went underground with the Silurians and discuss the the first ever Silurian story, Doctor Who and The Silurians with writer Simon Guerrier and YouTuber Jenny Lippmann.

In Other News

"Sonic Specs" featured in Doctor Who Magazine

Sonic Specs made it into the "Who Tube" section of this month's issue Doctor Who Magazine. I hope they ordered theirs! 

Big Finish Interview

Whilst filming at Big Finish Day 8 for our episode on Doctor Who audios, Big Finish caught up with us whilst we filmed them filming us filming them filming us...

Doctor Who - The History of The Silurians

I narrated a fact file all about the history of the Silurians for the official Doctor Who YouTube channel, Facebook page and website. 

Doctor Who: The Fan Show wins award

Our Minecraft special of Doctor Who: The Fan Show won Video of the Year at our internal awards - super proud! 

That's all folks! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@CaptainChristel) and Facebook for regular updates. I'll be back at the end of next month for March's roundup. 

Until then, have a great March!